• Primary Care.

    Serving the L.A. community for Over 30 Years.

    Our Mission: To provide access to the highest quality primary care, promote wellness and empower our patients through knowledge.

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  • Annual Wellness Visit

    Long term health planning for Medicare seniors.

    If you are a Medicare enabled senior did you know that you are entitled to an Annual Wellness Visit free of charge? Spend time with our doctor to establish a long term health and wellness plan to meet your needs.

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HCI Medical Group - Your Leading Primary Care Provider

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Primary Care

R26; Annual physicals
R26; Routine visits
R26; Diagnostics
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R26; Annual Wellness Visits
R26; Chronic condition management
R26; Hospital care coordination
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Men's Health

R26; Colon & prostate screenings
R26; Heart health
R26; Infrertility
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Women's Health

R26; Osteoperosis
R26; Menopause counseling
R26; Pelvic pain & Mammograms
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Special Programs

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Mobile Docs

R26; House Call visits for homebound patients
R26; Home health, hospital and hospice coordination
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